Systematic Servicing Waste Machinery

Some waste streams require specialist equipment in order to achieve the correct processing & at Systematic Servicing we supply the following:-

  • Screw Compactor - Compaction ratios are far greater than standard compactor units & we have these being used on wooden pallets, re-enforced cardboard boxes, plastic bottles, door frames, etc
  • Briquetter - This is the perfect solution for the finer elements of your waste stream - paper dust from the printing industry, wood dust & shavings from joineries, polystyrene beads, etc
  • Densifier - used for reprocessing of EPS these machines will reduce your polystyrene packing by up to a ratio of 50:1, creating blocks which can then be sold to reprocessors

All machines are available to rent, lease or buy, and on occasion we have reconditioned machines in stock we can offer at competetive prices.

If you have an unusual product that you are looking to handle differently please enquire now & we'll be happy to help.


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